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!Side Loading required - see instructions below!

V3.0 includes experimental Hand Tracking


...while completing beautifully detailed spherical jigsaws on your Oculus Quest. The new way to experience a traditional puzzle. Suitable for all ages with between 8 and 162 pieces. Choose from 10 scenes or add your own.

Only possible in VR. Find yourself stood inside the jigsaw. Use your tracked controllers to precisely place your pieces as you build the spherical puzzle. Rotate the jigsaw and scene to see it from different angles or simply walk around the jigsaw. Traditional flat jigsaws are also included.

What to expect

  • Be relaxed by the music
  • Calmed by the sounds of nature, rain or waves
  • Grab and manipulate pieces with ease
  • Feel the haptic feedback as you move and click pieces into place
  • Room-scale or forward facing play supported

Add photos

Add custom scenes - thousands freely available online.
For example, you can search on Flickr for equirectangular photos.
Custom scenes should be saved as an equirectangular .png file, sized at 8192 x 4096 or 4096 x 2048 and copied onto your Quest at /Pictures/360. You will need to create the 360 directory.

How to install

The download will provide an APK file that needs to be installed on your Oculus Quest. The recommended approach is to install via SideQuest. Once SideQuest  is installed (v0.8+),  click the top toolbar icon for "install APK file from folder" (downward arrow in a box).  Then browse to and open the APK file you downloaded.

The game will be listed in the Unknown Sources category on your Quest.

If you struggle please get in touch with me: brett@headstartdesign.co.uk


When first launching the app it will ask for permission to access your files and folders. This is to allow your custom photos to be loaded.


Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

VRnChill-Android-Shipping-arm64-es2_v3.0.apk 285 MB
VRnChill-Android-Shipping-armv7-es_v2.1.apk 260 MB


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Is it possible to increase the maximum amount of pieces to 324? I find myself that 162 are a bit too less for my puzzly hands. 

From my stats on Oculus Home (Rift / Go version) fewer people complete the 162 piece puzzle, but I would like to do tests with more pieces. I need to make sure that I don't make the pieces so small that you can't see enough detail. In the meantime you can make it a more difficult by going into settings and hiding the outlines. That way you have to work your way in from the edges. You can also hide the background so you don't have the original image to refer too.

Just amazing and fun, will be nice to play from time to time and acquaint the non VR crowed to how much fun it is.
Well worth the 5$ I payed (dev deserves more than 2 $).

That's great to hear and thank you for the tip :)

Sure thing and cool that you reply :)

A question please (asking here would expose it to all visitors),

If I want to take puzzle image like the one below (I own this puzzle but am missing pieces ) and put it in the game (Since you support flat mode), Can i?

Or do I have to do some magic with this image for it to be supported?

Yes you could take a picture of the box and solve it in the flat version. I plan to make this easier in the future but at the moment I have a template that can help you layout the photo to fit the jigsaw. I am away from my pc at the moment but will reply with more details tomorrow.  :)


You can use the following image as a template. Right click on it and choose to save it. 

When you have the template you can scale and arrange your photos over the black areas. This matches what appears in your flat jigsaw. The white areas are cropped off. If your photo doesn't fill all the black area you will want a nice background texture or another photo to fill the black gaps. In a future version I hope to automate this so it scales and centres your photo over a standard background. 

Jigsaw Template

Thank you and happy holidays :)

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A peaceful and relaxing jigsaw experience. After completing the friendly tutorial, you'll be able to explore the included jigsaws, choose from 1000s to download, or use your own pictures. All this for the price of a cup of coffee! Great work!

Fun, relaxing, and enjoyable if you like jigsaw puzzles. The tutorial is quick and makes it clear how to play. I love that you can use your own 360-degree images for custom puzzles, and the difficulty scales from super easy to very challenging, so the replayability is high and there's enough to do for quite a while. But if you don't like jigsaw puzzles, you won't like it for obvious reasons.

For fans of jigsaws? Absolutely worth the $2 price tag. I'm glad I bought it.

Score : 8.5/10.

With this Oculus Quest version, you can realize puzzles game of your dreams, with a total freedom of movement (wireless gameplay). Game is optimized and you will enjoy an endless game where you can easily add you own pictures.

French review : Avec cette version Oculus Quest, vous allez pouvoir réaliser les puzzles de vos rêves, avec une liberté de mouvements totale. L'optimisation est également au rendez-vous, vous profiterez aussi d'une durée de vie infinie où vous pouvez importer facilement vos propres images/photos.