New controls, new weapon and more

New control scheme

The new control layout provides scope for more features and better support for other headsets. 

New weapon - laser

The laser has a range of 50m and can currently be continually fired without overheating. This is a good weapon for dealing with Titans at a distance. The old cannon is still available and packs a bigger punch for close quarters demolition. You can also fire both at once for double damage.

Left hand support

You will now find an option on your "hand UI" to play right or left handed. Sounds trivial, but ended up taking more than a day to sort out various issues. I planned to have this feature in for the start of the Kickstarter, so it was important to me to get it finished.

I hope to add further accessibility features in the future such as one-handed play and an option to disable flashing panels.

See the Kickstarter for full details:

Thanks for playing.

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