A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Fly places other scavengers dare not go in your new 120Hz, adrenaline-fuelled, drone

PCVR version now available

With over 22,000 parts of debris in constant motion, the scrap vortexes are places that sane scavengers avoid. That changes today! Announcing the new 120Hz range of drones. These drones are the most responsive craft ever invented. Dodge debris as quickly as you can move your hand and fly at incredible speeds through the scrap with amazing manoeuvrability. Riches await you in the scrap vortexes.

The current release is a technical demo. Please check back to see how the game develops or follow me on Twitter for updates https://twitter.com/JumbliVR

Please provide feedback in the 120Hz channels of my Discord: https://discord.com/invite/kCkUMU2


120Hz_OculusQuest_v0_14.apk 51 MB
120Hz_OculusRift_v0_15.zip 60 MB
120Hz_SteamVR_v0_15.zip 58 MB

Install instructions

Oculus Quest

Download the .APK file and install via SideQuest

PCVR (Rift or SteamVR)

Download the appropriate zip file. Extract and run the .exe.

Development log

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